BMS Brands Introduces Kazaang Outdoor Toy Range

The Toy Universe recently spoke to Josh Bonello, Sales Director at BMS Brands about the launch of Kazaang Outdoor Toy Range.

Josh Bonello
Josh Bonello

Hi Josh, good to speak to you again. We hear that you have a new brand called Kazaang, can you tell us about the brand?

Kazaang is a significant new undertaking for BMS Brands and working from the ground up, Kazaang reflects our vision for being innovative and agile. We are launching Kazaang in October with a range of outdoor toys focused on enhancing play time. Kazaang is a magnificent step for us in terms of product development, and we have crafted very stimulative and engaging concepts under the Kazaang brand. Kazaang as a brand offers a compelling proposition that encourages outdoor play time with ingenious products that captivate excitement and deliver a profound level of entertainment.

What has been your plan for the launch of Kazaang?

The initial strategy of launching Kazaang was summer early 2024. But with the support from our trade partners, we have been able to bring the Kazaang brand launch forward in to October 2023 based on the positive response we had. Our plan moving forward is to extend the range of products within the Kazaang brand for release in November 2023 and through to January 2024. We will also be showcasing Kazaang at the New York Toy Fair which will provide us with a launch pad in to the U.S. market.

With the ever-changing retail landscape, have you had many challenges developing Kazaang?

As we discussed in our last interview in June, there have been challenges around the retail market largely due to the economic climate. Our approach with developing Kazaang has kept us mindful that consumer sentiment must be at the forefront of what we bring to the market. We have spent a significant amount of time gauging consumer habits in our industry and Kazaang is an exemplary representation of the changing landscape.


What is on the agenda for the remainder of 2023 for BMS Brands?

Kazaang is the paramount objective for us as we gear up for summer and Christmas. As always, we are incredibly grateful for the support our trade partners continue to provide us with. This support has helped shape the Kazaang brand in to a pivotal new direction for BMS Brands.

Plasticine is due for release in October which will further our growth in craft. This coincides with the release of new Play-Doh Air Clay products also taking place in October. Along with that we have launched several new designs of Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles under our esteemed Puzzle Master brand.

We are still focused on Construct It as it has moulded our ethos, and we are very pleased to announce the release of new Buildables lines in October. The success of Buildables since their release twelve months ago continues to delight us.

Finally, as 2024 approaches, what can we expect from the launch of Kazaang and for BMS Brands?

With the launch of Kazaang happening in October, we will see the launch of thrilling new lines under the Kazaang brand as we venture in to 2024. We have several new concepts and prototypes we are evaluating. This will create a larger presence in the market for Kazaang, and will be the backdrop for our spring 2024 launch in the U.S. market for Kazaang.

We are developing several new lines under the Construct It brand, in particular with our Flexibles range. Flexibles has been a quiet achiever, and with that in mind, we are diligently creating a new line of products within the Flexibles range which will be a welcomed addition to the Construct It brand.

In addition to the concepts and porotypes we are developing under our key brands including Kazaang and Construct it, we are focused on delivering new concepts under our Craft For Kids, Puzzle Master, and Science Lab brands. Thus expanding on our scope of offering and furthering our market penetration.

We are poised to continue our growth and expansion strategy by increasing our focus on product and brand development, allowing us to curate a more refined offering and by taking a granular approach to each of our brands, we are seeing a more engaging response from retailers. You will see this will be reflected throughout 2024 as we continue setting new benchmarks in the toy industry, in particular with Kazaang. 2024 will be a demonstration of our innovative and collaborative approach to developing toys.

As we begin to recall on 2023, we look to 2024 with enthusiasm and resolve, bringing Kazaang to the forefront of our endeavours both domestically and internationally.

This article is also featured in Edition 6 of The Toy Universe Magazine




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