All Brands Toys Announces Exclusive Distribution of Wahu Brand in Australia

Wahu is known for its innovative and engaging toys that promote active play and outdoor adventures. From water toys and beach games to backyard sports equipment, Wahu offers a wide range of products that inspire fun and entertainment for children and families alike.

With this exclusive distribution agreement, All Brands Toys aims to bring the joy of Wahu toys to children across Australia. The company is committed to providing retailers and customers with easy access to Wahu’s exceptional products, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the ultimate outdoor play experience.

“We are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of Wahu toys in Australia,” said Darren Hunter CEO at All Brands Toys. “Wahu’s commitment to quality, innovation, and fun aligns perfectly with our mission of delivering the best toys to our customers. We are confident that this partnership will strengthen our position as a leading toy /wholesaler distributor in the Australian market.”

Darren Hunter CEO at All Brands Toys

“The appointment of All Brands Toys as the exclusive distributor for Wahu products will undoubtedly bring exciting opportunities for both companies. With All Brands Toys’ extensive distribution network and expertise in the toy industry, Wahu products will reach a wider audience and gain increased visibility. This partnership will surely benefit both companies and create a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Andrew Panagopoulos — National Sales Manager at Goliath/Wahu

All Brands Toys will be showcasing the complete range of Wahu products at upcoming trade shows and events. Retailers interested in stocking Wahu toys can contact All Brands Toys directly via the website here to inquire about availability and partnership opportunities.

All Brands Toys x Wahu




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