Cool Cats Toys are Coming: New Line Launching at NFT.NYC

Cool Cats, producers of the widely known Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFT collections, and TOIKIDO, a new kind of entertainment and toy company at the cutting edge of digital design, have announced a manufacturing and distribution deal for a wide range of Cool Cats merchandise — including toys such as plushies — to bring the beloved characters of the Cooltopia ecosystem into the physical world. The new Cool Cats line will debut in time for NFT.NYC, the leading annual non-fungible token event, held June 20-23, 2022.

“Toys, plushies and premium merch have been a continual ask from the community since early on,” said Cool Cats co-founder Evan Luza. “We’re stoked to be able to work with the right partner who can ensure we’re delivering the caliber of goodies to our community that they deserve.”

Cool Cats co-founder Evan Luza

Perfect Alignment

Unencumbered by supply chains and warehousing, TOIKIDO has made a name for itself based on its ability to reach shelves faster than other major players in the industry. For example, TOIKIDO was able to create, manufacture, and distribute the official line of Among Us products to over 100 global retailers in less than six months. TOIKIDO’s internal capabilities, proprietary technology, and tooling make it possible to bring products to the shelf 3-6 months faster than any competitor.

TOIKIDO is the master toy partner for hit brand AmongUs, Netflix’s Back to the Outback and will distribute a toy line for this summer’s Skydance Animation LUCK. Additionally, it is preparing to launch global merchandise for the highly successful game Gang Beasts. Lastly, the TOIKIDO team is busy developing its own new IP in Piñata Smashlings which will be dropping into the world shortly.

The Cool Cats portfolio aligns perfectly with TOIKIDO’s expertise and philosophy. Originally based on the Blue Cat character, Cool Cats launched less than a year ago. It has since amassed the equivalent of $250 million in sales, and is currently a Top 5 NFT collection worldwide in terms of both popularity and sales volume. Cool Cat NFTs are currently owned by several corporate brands and artists, including Reese Witherspoon, TIME, Puma, Steve Aoki, Mario Bautista, Marc Benioff, and Alexis Ohanian, among others.

The instant popularity of Cool Cats recently led to the creation of Cool Pets, a collection of companion NFTs. They are among the industry’s first gamified NFTs to have their formation influenced by actions their owner takes throughout their developmental stages. There are more than 178 million unique combinations possible across a limited number of Cool Pets that live and interact in the much larger Cooltopia ecosystem.

“NFTs are a passion of mine, and Cool Cats has been a favorite right out of the gate,” said TOIKIDO founder and CEO Darran Garnham. “People absolutely love these characters, and I know that TOIKIDO is the right company to inject the essence of Blue Cat into product designs that will delight the community and increase awareness of the very special creatures that are Cool Pets.”

TOIKIDO founder and CEO Darran Garnham

In addition to traditional in-store and online distribution, TOIKIDO will work with Cool Cats to create exclusive drops for the Cool Cats community, as well as for special events, such as the debut at NFT.NYC.

CAA Brand Management, a division of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), brokered the deal with TOIKIDO on behalf of its client Cool Cats, marking the first deal inked since Cool Cats signed with the agency last month.

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