Kruseling Dolls Range Expands for 2022 with Lifestyle Packs

This year sees the inspirational range of Kruseling fairy dolls expand with the girls’ favourite interests being shared with four new role play gift sets featuring favourites Luna fairy and her magical galleon; Sofia in her garden, Cleo with her camping set and Vera in her ballet studio.

All now in stock, these sets are well priced for the gift and holiday market.

Who are the Kruselings?

Targeting 4 to 7 year olds, the girl fairies come in deluxe packs featuring them in their fairy outfit with the magical tool and wings, and a day change of outfit. They also come in a different set of casual outfits in a single doll pack with a hair brush. Magical tools and fairy clothes are also sold separately as well as a furnished club house and doll carry case complete with bed and wardrobe, each beautifully themed and packaged.

Created by premier doll maker Sonja Hartmann for German doll manufacturer Kathe Kruse, the concept for the range revolves around a group of children, hailing from different nations and ethnic backgrounds, who are able to crossover from the world of reality to the world of fantasy. They can transform from their ordinary human forms into a band of fairylike super heroic characters each with their own “special talent” – it’s a story of friendship and teamwork.

Together they are the Kruselings who have the power to keep children’s dreams sweet and face any challenge in their way.

This collection of 23 cm dolls, which are fashioned on a 7-year-old child, each feature 13 joints which makes them amazingly posable and thepy stand well whether in shoes or barefoot. They have high quality acrylic glass eyes, which give them a life-like expression, their faces are sweet and fresh and their hair can be combed and styled so they can really be enjoyed.

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