Playgro Introduces Its “Fun First” Platform — A Commitment to Celebrating Joyful Play Experiences

Playgro, a leading innovator in the world of infant toys, is proud to introduce its “Fun First” platform, challenging the societal norms around infant performance and placing an emphasis on family fun and enjoyment.

Playgro’s all-new platform will also be adopted internally, with Playgro’s Global HQ embracing an entirely refreshed business philosophy and internal culture. Playgro hopes this shift will help further emphasise the need for fun play experiences and the positive effect it has on children’s development.

In a time where “unplugged” parenting, unstructured playtime, and prioritising mental wellbeing is on the rise, Playgro wants to differentiate their brand, offering a compelling alternative to the stress-inducing, performance narrative, that is so commonly displayed in this category.

The “Fun First” platform encapsulates the brand’s commitment to crafting toys that spark imagination, foster creativity, and, most importantly, spread smiles, which together, lead to essential skill development.

As part of the platform, Playgro will use its five ‘spokes-animals’ to highlight each developmental stage, appearing across an all-new website, product packaging, point of sale, and out of home advertising. These cute and cuddly representatives include; Penny the Puppy, Clip Clop the Horse, Cleo the Koala, Tamika the Toucan and Roary the Lion.

From humble beginnings in Australia, Playgro’s global impact today resonates on an international scale, showcasing its substantial presence and influence in the infant toy category with stockists in over 110 countries. With a diverse range of toys, catering from 0 months to 2 years, captivating children’s imaginations across continents, Playgro has become a household name synonymous with quality, innovation, and, above all, fun!

“Play is the cornerstone of childhood, and our ‘Fun First’ platform reflects our unwavering commitment to creating toys that bring joy to children and parents worldwide,” said Marc Brick, CEO at Playgro.

“Parents want the permission to play, which is why this platform is so important in empowering parents to create lasting, joyful memories with their little ones, prioritising laughter, imagination and exploration!”

As Playgro continues to evolve and shape the landscape of infant toys, the “Fun First” platform stands as a testament to the brand’s dedication to making every play moment a cherished memory.

With a commitment to delight, Playgro remains at the forefront of the industry, bringing laughter and happiness to homes around the globe. Playgro’s “Fun First” platform will be released on February 28, 2024, across digital platforms.

For further information about Playgro, visit the website or Instagram page.




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